Maria Ines Bogado

Maria Ines Bogado and Sergiy podbolotnyy in Belgium, nov 2022

Workshops and show in Brussels – 05 nov. 2022

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Workshops – Nov 2022

04/11 _ Women Tango Technique

05/11 _ Quebradas y Torsiones

05/11 _ Turns

Organized by Aclama asbl, Intercult 77, Cellule133a, Sergio Wolf.

Workshops & Pricing

* Reductions for COMBO of 2 or 3 workshops ( 20€ each workshop).

Women Technique

04/11 _ 19:30h

(90 min)


25€ / person

Center and spirals: studying the mechanics and the relationship between action and reaction (lead and follow) of the spirals of the body, this awareness will help to create fluid elements as well as easy and effortless pivots.

@ Private studio _ address will be given upon registration

Quebradas y Torsiones

05/11 _ 17:45h

(90 min)


25€ / person  


Handle the hug like a living puzzle to create shapes and figures very typical of traditional tango.



@ Cellule 133a : Av. Ducpetiaux 133a, 1060 Brussels.


05/11 _ 19:15h

(90 min)


25€ / person

keep your axis and speed up.Using spirals movements and in combination with free leg work elements of the fluidity, movements and form.


@ Cellule 133a : Av. Ducpetiaux 133a, 1060 Brussels.




Professional Tango Dancer

María Inés Bogado is a dancer, artist, and teacher of Argentine tango. For over 20 years she has dedicated herself to her dance, ultimately winning the title of World Champion in Tango Salón in 2010. Among others Rosa Forte and Carlos Perez played a key role in her career as trusted teachers.

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