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ACLAMA - Music School

The school has a teaching staff with extensive studies, a long career and great professional experience as concert performers, as well as in the field of teaching in academies, schools and conservatories.


Our aim at ACLAMA Music School is to give students the highest quality of tuition.

Students will have the opportunity to explore many genres of music in addition to the classical repertoire.

Come start your musical journey with us in a fun and affordable environment !


Individual lessons

1 student

40m/week 140€/month  

60m/week 180€/month


  • The price is given for one student at teacher’s studio.
  • For lessons at the student’s home, the client pays an additional ±40€/month (depending on distance, ask for a personalised quote)
  • For siblings we offer discounts or some different formulas. Please contact us for a specific quotation.


2 students together

60m/week 120€/month  

90m/week 150€/month


  • The price is given for one student at teacher’s studio.
  • For lessons at the student’s home, the client pays an additional ±40€/month (depending on distance, ask for a personalised quote)


3 or more students 

60m/week 100€/month  

90m/week 120€/month


  • The price is given for one student.
  • Classes are held on our locations.


Our pedagogy encourages from the beginning the transmission of necessary and fundamental knowledge so that if any of our students in the future decide to continue with a professional training, they are already very well trained and prepared for it.

It is a big challenge, but our experience tells us that it is the best way.

Main Teacher



Drums, Percussion, Marimba.

Fausto Valerón was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay where he began his musical studies in percussion and piano. Strongly influenced by Uruguayan popular music, he joined several carnival groups, “comparsas de candombe” and “murgas”.
In 2008, he was admitted to the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and then to the Lemmensinstituut, where he obtained his Bachelor and Master degrees in percussion-marimba, and Master degree in Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

As a percussionist and marimbist he has participated in various projects such as Maracatu-Mix, Sysmo, Vlaamse Opera, Flanders Marimba Ensemble, La Sieste du Dromadaire, Tambora Group, etc.

Fausto Valeron teaches Percussion and Instrumental Ensemble at the Jean Absil Music Academy in Etterbeek.


  • Master en Musique (Percussion/Marimba) – Lemmensinstituut, Leuven
  • Bachelier en Musique (Percussion) – Lemmensinstituut, Leuven
  • Agrégation de l’enseignement secondaire supérieur – Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles

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The teaching methodology we create is a perfect hybrid that suits the needs of our students.

That is to say, our basic and primordial principle is to transmit to each one of our students the love for music, to know how to enjoy it, to appreciate it, to respect it, and to take advantage of it. We want it to be a fun and playful activity.